Exclusivity / A consolidated project in the best spot in Punta del Este

    SELENZA VILLAGE+HOTEL is a unique and exclusive project, unlike any other in Punta del Este, with top quality houses and apartments and the 5-star luxury Hotel Boutique Selenza with top amenities. Design, architecture and innovation are its primary characteristics.

    The Selenza concept was created thanks to the experience and creativity of Félix Abánades –a top Spanish developer with over 20 years of experience in the sector– along with the glamour of international top model Valeria Mazza.

    Today the SELENZA VILLAGE+HOTEL is a reality. It is a place of exquisite details with a unique personal style to be enjoyed in one of the world’s most exclusive tourist destinations. SELENZA VILLAGE+HOTEL combines a seaside location with luxury and comfort.

    Having completed the initial phases of the construction, the marketing of the exclusive new top quality apartments and houses is currently underway. Discover more and make one of these quality, luxurious and relaxing homes your own.